Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A career over? A legacy saved?

How happy are Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels right now? Maybe as happy as yours truly now that the Brett Favre soap opera may finally be having it's final act.

After months of obnoxious speculation...Brett Favre has apparently decided to call it a career and retire from the National Football League!

Thank god!

For the record, I am not a Brett Favre hater; he was always a warrior on the field, but later turned into a diva off of it.

I hold Brett to a much lower regard of him since his days concluded with the Green Bay Packers.

For the past 3 years, Brett has toyed around with the livelihoods of not one...not two..but three NFL franchises..

After the 2007 season, Brett left the Pack with no other choice but to go with Aaron Rodgers simply because Favre has a tough time making up his mind with the whole retirement thing...When the move was finally made, Favre felt abandoned that there was not a spot for him...what did you expect? I don't care how good you are...or were...one man does not define an entire organization.

Oh yea, he also played his sob story on a violin after the 2006 season too...after all the "will I stay or go" talk that has happened since then, the 2006 offseason seems like a very distant memory....

So the Packers "kick him to the curb" and he gets traded to the Jets. For about 4 months, the Brett the Jet phenomenon swept the tri-state area until week 12 or so when it was the beginning of the end of the then 8-3 Jets. The J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! went on to lose their last 5 and Favre was heaving passes to the other team as if he were throwing the game..bottom line...he was 38 and his age was showing.

During this past offseason, his teammates basically turned on him and started to call out his diva-like attitude...his days in New York were numbered..

We all thought he was done until he decided to have surgery to repair his torn bicepts tendon..Good god was this man getting ready to make his 4th comeback from retirement?!?

Then came the commotion....was Brett Favre really coming back to play with the Minnesota Vikings, the most hated rival of his ex-lover, the Packers!? Both Favre and the Vikings organization handled the whole situation like garbage with teaser after teaser, but no concrete information leasing either way.Oh Brett's training at a Mississippi high school, but he's retired..or my personal favorite..well the guys are calling me to come back and i'm feeling the itch again.

Put some gold bond on it, Brett.

Brett Favre will always be considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time! Sadly, however, the antics he has schemed up with his retirement over the past few years will be associated with him just as much as his playing career.

My advice to you Brett....do something you haven't done before and stick with your decision..something you should have after you lost to the Giants in the NFC Title game in '07..Throw on a pair of your old wrangler jeans and ride off into the sunset with what's left of not only your dignity, but your legacy!

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