Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eli strikes it rich!

One of the Manning boys is about to become the highest paid Quarterback (per year) in the history of the NFL..and it's not Peyton....

Eli Manning has agreed to a 6 yr/97.5 million dollar contract extension that will keep him in Giant blue for years to come...

Only 28, Eli is entering the final year of his rookie contract and his new deal is shelling out $35 million in guaranteed money.

Big Eli is coming off his first Pro Bowl and a 21 TD 10INT season, but he has had several moments with the G-Men that make you want to throw your telvevision out of the window in frustration.

For every heart attack moment, however, Eli has proven to be the master of the 2-minute offense and in case you forgot, is a man that is rocking some serious bling on his ring finger in the form of a Super Bowl ring.

Is he the best quarterback in the game today, not even close. It's a crapload of money, maybe even too much. At the end of the day, however, this type of deal was more than necessary to keep our franchise quarterback in New York.

Now he can use some of his new dough to hire someone to polish off that Super Bowl MVP trophy on his mantle and maybe take a few g's to hold down that front foot during games so he stops throwing off his back one.

When he's home hanging out after a rough day on the gridiron, it should be refreshing to know the fridge should constantly be full of those MGD's he loves so much.

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