Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger comes out of the cage

Tiger Woods came before a hand selected group of media and those close to him to offer his first public statement since he was put on the stake 3 months ago..
Quite frankly, ive never watched a press conference that included a confession that felt more sincere...His 13 minute and 32 second speech came across very personal and heartfelt..It shouldnt sound anything short of that with all the time he had to work on it...He came out and discussed his money, fame and all of the temptations that come along with it...He looked dead into the camera with tears in his eyes and threw around words like "unfaithful", "cheated", "embarrassed" and "I need help"...very powerful words
What convinced me was when his tone became serious discussing how his wife should be praised as well as the privacy he feels that his children deserve..
I may sound nieve by taking his words seriously, but at this stage of his career...Tiger can't afford to BS the public...he already lost major sponsors and the ones he didn't lose are barely holding on..He has a reputation that was destroyed and tarnished and he asked each of us to find it in our hearts to forgive him...does he really mean it? Time will tell...He only had one chance at a true apology and really could have messed this up, but he came across as legitimate and it was very well done..
In the meantime, golf fans need to hope and pray he comes back sooner rather than later to the tour because he is the straw that stirs the drink..
To think all of this started because he nailed a fire hydrant....

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