Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hey Tom! Remember us?

Let me just take a second to welcome you back to New York area and I hope you enjoy the new GIANTS stadium. It's pretty impressive

Listen, I know your not the biggest fan of New York and ESPECIALLY not a fan of that other Gang Green fungus team that plays in Giants Stadium, but I just want you to remember that before the Jets became anything relevent, it was the G-Men that ended your team's perfect season and snatched the Lombardi Trophy from right under your nose just 2 short years ago.

I can imagine that these preseason games can be quite a bore seeing as how you'll get no more than a few drives of action in the final tune-up for the season. So while your on the sidelines rocking the clipboard, I would personally like to give you an image that you can daydream about as those 3rd stringers duke it out on the field..


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