Friday, September 24, 2010

Melo to the Nets?

One of the elite players in the NBA may soon be coming to Jersey!

Rumors are hot about a possible four-team deal that would send Carmelo to the Nets and ship Devin Harris and the #3 pick of this year's draft, Derrick Favors, to the Rocky Mountains in Denver.

Stay tuned! The Nets may come out of this year's offseason as the last ones laughing just yet.

After rejecting a 3 year/65 mil extension from the Nuggets, Denver is looking for a way to deal their superstar. Let's see. Carmelo was born in Brooklyn, N.Y, where the Nets will be playing in 2 seasons. Also, the move to the New York area would benefit the entertainment career of his wife, La La.

As a fan of the Nets through the thick and thin, (I own an Ed O' Bannon pennant), it would not devastate me to see Devin Harris and Derrick Favors get sent packing.

For once being considered the "future of the franchise", Devin hasn't showed me that he has what it takes to take this team to the promised land; that title has been given to Brook Lopez.
Let's face it! Derrick Favors was the third player taken in a two-player draft and the Nets never wanted the third pick in the first place. Favors is only 19 and will be a project for the next couple of seasons. Fellow Jersey product and only 29, Troy Murphy will be a SOLID force at power forward for this team. Murph has averaged 10+ rebounds a game in 5 of his 9 seasons.
No point guard? No Problem! I'm sure Terrence Williams can fill in just fine for a season. How about Jordan Farmar and his 2 championship rings?
A frontcourt with Carmelo, Lopez and Murphy means two things Nets fans.
1) More than 12 wins
2) guaranteed playoff spot in the East!
Can you imagine the reaction the Knicks would have to this one!

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