Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hakeem the dream!

After a disasterous loss to the Tennessee Titans. The G-Men have rebounded to say the least.

After destroying Jay Cutler, many wondered if the 10 sack preformance was a one hit wonder. Questions were answered last Sunday by holding the Texans to 10 points and holding the NFL's leading rusher, Arian Foster to 25 measly yards.

Hakeem Nicks looks like a bonafide superstar in the making. After a 130 yard, 2 TD preformance, Nicks has over 400 receiving yards and is 2nd in the NFL with 6 TD's. By the way, Jacobs has decided to quit acting like a baby and has scored a TD in each of his last 2 games.

Big Blue has the Lions coming to the meadowlands this week. Even though Detroit demolished the Rams last week, the Giants have a good chance to gain ground in the air-tight NFC East.

My prediction? A Barry Cofield "Don't taze me!" dance and a GGGGGGGG Men Victory!

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