Monday, October 18, 2010

Pettitte vs Lee..Showdown in the Bronx!

The series is all tied up 1 game to 1. The Rangers are sending out the dominant Cliff Lee; a man who has been absolutely filthy in every postseason game he has ever started. The Yankees counter with a man who has 19 postseason victories to his name and, quite frankly, the man you want on the mound in a big game situation. With momentum on the line, you want Andy Pettitte with the ball in his hands.

The Rangers are proving that they are not some pushover; just ask C.C sabathia and Phil Hughes. Many people may be asking just who the hell Colby Lewis is, but he was a solid pitcher all year that was a victim of lousy run support.
Yankee fans, if it wasn't for Brett Gardner and his gutsy dive into 1st base, you may be in a 2-0 defecit in this series. Gardner's play in the top of the 8th ignited a 5-run inning and a wild comeback that spoiled the solid pitching preformance of C.J Wilson. If Andy comes out on top tonite, your up 2-1 and don't need to worry as much about Burnett in Game 4. If Lee takes down the Yanks in the Bronx tonight, do you pull Burnett? C.C is known to pitch on 3 days rest, but will he be able to shake off his game 1 preformance? Andy Pettitte hasn't been anything short of clutch, but will Lee be just a little bit better?

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