Friday, May 20, 2011

It's time for Subway Series 2k11

It's that time of the year again. It's round 1 of the Subway Series this weekend at Yankee Stadium...and it might not be the bloodbath that everyone thought it was going to be when the season started.

Contrary to popular public opinion and despite the same old story of injuries. The Mets have taken a 5-13 record and gone 16-9 in their last 25 games. No Ike? No D-Wright? No problem.

The Mets have plugged the right guys in the right holes and have played solid baseball in the past month all while carrying 8 guys that started the year in AAA.

The poster child for the recent success has been supplied by "The Red Burner" Justin Turner. In his past 5 games, Turner has carried the Mets by notch uping 10 RBI. Another stud from AAA, has been Dillon Gee, who pitched a gem against the Nats and simply looks like he belongs in a big league rotation.

Reyes is having a career year and Beltran appears to be back (contract year syndrome?). For all of you that want to trade simply don't see what he brings to the table.

It also helps when the pitching comes around. Niese and Big Pelf have stepped their game up and the bullpen has been solid. K-Rod has converted 14 straight saves and Isringhausen is pitching like its 2003. The lone starter that has yet to turn it around is R.A. Dickey, who gets the ball tonight against Freddy Garcia and the Yankees

Now the trouble around the Bronx bombers has been documented ad nauseum ever since Jorge Posada quit on his teammates just over a week ago. It's this simple. It doesn't matter if your having a "bad day," you just don't quit on your team because your manager puts you in the 9 hole. The fans were much more forgiving then they should have been, but when you win 5 World Series championships you get away with murder. Anyone else would have seen the unemployment line. We all know it, if he can't produce, he'll be filing his retirement papers before the All-Star break

Another man being buzzed about is the captain and his diminishing abilities. Seeing the back page of the Daily News saying "He's Back" after a 2 home run game had to be the most ludicrous thing i've ever seen because after that he went back to hitting ground balls to second base. I'm not saying #2 is done, there's alot of baseball to go, but Jeter is a shadow of what he used to be. Sadly, your gonna see the Posada drama unravel again in the near future when they

attempt to move Jeter in the order or away from Short.

As for the rest of the team, they seem to be rebounding after a 6-game losing streak. Before last night, he forgot how to get hits and Tex's bat seems to have woken up as well. A-Rod broke his slump in a big way the other night with a 2 bomb preformance.

The pitching matchups, weather and apocolypse permitting, are a bit lackluster. Dickey and Garcia tonight, Capuano and Burnett tomorrow, Big Pelf and Nova Sunday.

I don't expect alot of 1-0 games this weekend. As an optimistic Mets fan, i'd like to see the Amazins take 2 out of 3 with the same solid pitching and timely hitting we've been seeing. Regardless of the record, these games are always competitive and the series should be a doozy.


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