Monday, July 20, 2009

Chruch for Francoeur...the great debate

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Many Mets fans I have talked to about this deal have been 50/50 on the recent trade between the Mets and Braves for each other's respective starting right fielders.

If you ask this guy, however, I am all for it and this is why...

For starters, a change of any shape or form absolutely needed to be made just for the sake of switching things up. The Braves had essentially given up on Francoeur after a pair of inconsistent seasons and Churchy has spent a majority of the year in Jerry Manuel's doghouse (whether either of them actually admit it or not.

But lets face the fact Mets fans, Francoeur is only 25 years of age and already has 4 years of major league experience under his belt. Yes, he was sent to AA last year, but the previous 2 seasons before that Frenchy produced 2 100+ RBI seasons and played in all 162 games..something Church has had a tough time doing.

Francoeur brings with him to Citi Field a solid defensive presence that is sorely needed in the comedic Mets outfield as well as a personality that is more than fitting for the big apple.

Since Francoeur has donned the #12 for the Mets he has hit .280 with 5 RBI in his first 6 games while Church has hit .176 with 1 run driven is only a measly 6 games, but it makes you open your eyes a bit.

Along with Francoeur's age comes his upside of turning around his career while Church is already 30 with a plethora of injuries on his resume. Jeff is also signed through the 2011 season. He may have a wild free swing like Vlady..but hey..Hojo can work on that..can he?

Don't get me wrong, I am not a hater on Ryan Church. When healthy, he was an effective player for the Mets..but since last year at this time he really hasn't done a whole lot...When he returned from his second concussion on Aug 22 of last year...Church hit a measly .219 (25-114) with 2 HR and 13 RBI
SINCE 8/22/2008
Jeff Francoeur..259 AVG (118-455) 6HR 56RBI
Ryan Church ..251 AVG (93-370) 4HR 36RBI
kudos to for the stats...
Statistically, the stats appear similar..but it appears the Mets went for durability and upside.
For both players..perhaps a change of scenery is all they need...

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