Monday, July 20, 2009

The state of the Mets

This has become a sight all to familiar for fans of the New York Metropolitans.

With last night's 7-1 trashing courtesy of the Atlanta Braves, the Mets find themselves sitting 9 games back of the first place Philthies (10 back in the loss column) With a record of 43-48, the Amazins also find themselves looking at 8 other National League teams that are above them in the race for the elusive Wild Card...Several members of the NY media are ready to start waving the white flag.

As a lifelong fan of this franchise, it is hard to not feel like there is absolutely nothing to beleive in with this group of AAA imposters. However, at the same time, it is awfully hard in my eyes to count this team out when it is only the 20th day of July..

Call it being an optimist, being nieve, what have you...but this team just finished a brutal stretch of games against the likes of the Dodgers, Philthies, Yankees and Braves...Coming up are 3 games against the pesky, yet extremely beatable Nats, Astros and Rockies. They may be short-handed, but this team has shown, albeit in small doses, that they are still capable of competing.

Yes 3 of their major players are gone for an extended period of time, but the Mets only need to tread water and remain in the race..then hopefully come mid August we can see the return of 3 dynamic pieces of the lineup as well as the returns of Putz, Maine and yes.. "The original Sandman" Billy Wagner.

Of course..this is all easier said than done..until then..keep believing Mets fans..

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