Thursday, September 10, 2009

JA's NFL Week 1 Predictions

So football season has finally come upon us and kickoff is a mere few hours away…With all of that mumbo jumbo out of the way..I am here with my predictions for week 1…

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh
How appropriate that we kick off the season at the home of the defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers…Quite frankly, I don’t know how much Kerry Collins has left in the tank and we all know that the self-proclaimed “Future Hall of Famer” Vince Young is waiting in the wings…Their D took a hit losing Haynesworth, but it won’t matter all that much tonight because it’s gonna be hard for them to see what’s going on with the shine from those SB rings in their eyes…Those terrible towels will be waving proudly tonight

JA’s pick= Steelers

Miami @ Atlanta
The Cinderella story is over for the Fins and the Falcons pick up an important win here before they battle Carolina and New England

JA’s pick= Falcons

Dallas @ Tampa Bay
This is going to be the beginning of a long season for Tampa Bay…losing Jeff Garcia and gaining a Byron Leftwich isn’t exactly upgrading your QB position…not to mention a fresh out of middle school QB in Josh Freeman…Big D gets an easy win here and proclaim themselves SB Champs until the Giants take them out in Week 2…

JA’s pick= Cowboys

Detroit @ New Orleans
Welcome to the NFL Matthew Stafford! Allow Drew Brees to show you what a REAL NFL offense looks like..because your defense is going to find out the hard way…

JA’s pick= Saints
Jacksonville @ Indianapolis
The health of Jags stud Maurice Jones-Drew is in question…not to mention the Jaguars are going up against a 275lb QB…with a laser rocket arm…

JA’s pick= Colts

The Mark Sanchez era begins for Gang Green…Unfortunately for him, the Texans seem poised to have a breakout year…Consider this Sunday orientation Jet fans because Marky Mark is gonna take some hits…perhaps he can take some notes on Kellen Clemens’ clipboard…he’ll get his share of W’s this year..Just not on Sunday

JA’S pick= Texans

Minnesota @ Cleveland
This matchup pits one pathetic man and former battery mates against another: Brett Favre vs. Eric Mangini...Despite Brett being a bit over concerned with the way he was treated by the Jets these days, he should at least find a way to notch the W in his 4th comeback to the NFL…I don’t know what’s more pathetic Mr. Mangenius , your ability to hide your starting QB or the ability of the Cleveland Browns to produce a winning team?

JA’s pick= Vikings

Kansas City @ Baltimore
If Matt Cassel is out for an extended period of time it’s going to be a rough year for KC…The Ravens D has a field day…

JA’s pick= Ravens

Philly @ Carolina
We get our first look at would could very well be one of the more prolific offenses Philly has ever had…This will be a close one...But Philly makes a statement here

JA’s pick= Eagles

Denver @ Cincinnati
Kyle Orton drinks another bottle of JD before the game to numb his injured finger and Ochocinco breaks out one of the best end zone celebrations you will ever see…

JA’s pick= Bengals

Washington @ New York
Aaron Ross is hurt..but Jason Campbell isn’t good enough to exploit that…Brandon Jacobs shows Albert Haynesworth just how big of a man he really is by leaving a cleat mark on his chest

JA’s pick= Giants

San Francisco @ Arizona
Remember the time Michael Crabtree signs a contract at halftime and shows up to catch a game winner? Yea, me neither..I got the defending NFC Champs in this one

JA’s pick= Cardinals

St. Louis @ Seattle
Mark Bulger gets injured running out onto the field and..NOTCH IT UP…a TD from T.J Houshmanzilly..put it on the board…

JA’s pick = Seahawks

Chicago @ Green Bay
The Packers D looks awfully good this year and Aaron Rodgers is out to make sure that by the end of the year…the Lambeau faithful are saying Brett who?

JA’s pick= Packers

Buffalo @ New England
Tom Brady is back…get your popcorn ready T.O….it’s gonna be a long night

JA’s pick= Patriots

San Diego @ Oakland
In the other Monday night game, SD will show why they are the class of the AFC West…and somewhere Jeff Garcia will be at a Buffalo Wild Wings watching this game laughing his ass off that they went with the fat, lazy, overrated bust they call JaMarcus Russell….McFadden will be the bright spot on a lousy team

JA's pick= Chargers

There you have it ladies and gentlemen…
Thoughts? Opinions?

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