Thursday, September 24, 2009

JA's Week 3 NFL Predictions!!!

Just like that it is already week 3 of the NFL Football Season...We've already seen some big names fall victim to the injury bug and we've already seen some surprises like the 2-0 Denver Broncos...we've also seen some non-surprises like the 0-2 Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions...
Last week was a rough one going could have been 10-6 if the Dolphins knew how to run a proper 2 minute drill...but enough with the negativity...let's get to the picks!
Last week: 9-7
Overall: 22-10
Browns @ Ravens
The Ravens' D, despite leading the league in rush defense, has given up 50 points so far this year...very unlike the Ravens' D of the past...even more unlikely is how the Ravens have already put up 69 points in their first 2 games..Joe Flacco is looking more legit by the week and the Brownies are looking more like the second coming of the 2008 Detroit Lions..
JA's pick: Ravens
Titans @ Jets
Gang Green is definitely drinking Rex Ryan's Kool-Aid as this team is looking more and more like the real deal. The Jets have defied my opinion the last two weeks as they have yet to allow an offensive TD...on the other end of the spectrum, the Titans are staring 0-3 in the mirror and are sure to bring their A-Game...VERY intrigued to see Chris Johnson go up against the Jets D after destroying the Texans last week....I don't see this game being as tough for the Jets as last week...I know Jimbo will hate me for this, but for the first time all year..i'm going Gang Green!
JA's pick: Jets
Redskins @ Lions
The Skins looked UGLY barely beating the Rams last week...Stafford hasn't looked all that impressive thus far, but I feel that this is the week that we finally see it...A LIONS VICTORY!!
JA's pick: Lions
Jaguars @ Texans
The Texans' offense finally woke up last week...and that's bad news for the Jags...who will start out 0-3 for the first time in 6 years....
JA's pick: Texans
49ers @ Vikings
Minnesota fans finally get a look at their new "savior" in week 3 (even though that "savior" hasn't thrown a complete pass for more than 15 yards)...the Niners have surprised many with their 2-0 start, but they are by no means ready to start making noise in the NFC (even though they will take a step in the right direction this season)...The Vikes will go 3-0 and they will begin building Brett's statue in downtown Minnesota...However, Vikes fans shouldn't get TOO excited just've only beaten the Browns, Lions and Niners....
JA's pick: Vikings
Falcons @ Patriots
Matt Ryan is on his way to becoming an elite NFL QB...Sunday he gets his chance to compete against one of the best the NFL has to offer in Tom Brady...The Pats are coming off a crushing loss at the Meadowlands and will be hungry...The Falcons are sitting pretty at 2-0 behind the strong play of Ryan and the re-emergence of Tony Gonzalez...Can the Falcons pick apart the young Pats D? If the Patriots prevail, it shows me that they are still one of the teams to beat in the AFC...However, I feel this is the game Matt Ryan tells the NFL world that he and the Falcons are a force to be reckoned with....back to the drawing board Billy boy!
JA's Pick: Falcons
Giants @ Buccaneers
The G-Men are coming off a comeback win against their biggest rival....their WR unit is showing an identity and their running game is sure to show up against a lousy Bucs D...However, Tuck will be sitting this game out and Kenny Phillips is lost for the year...Although it's a slight disadvantage, it will not be seen until about week 6 or so.....G-Men go 3-0 here..
JA's pick: Giants
Chiefs @ Eagles
Kevin Kolb may be the 4th best QB on the Eagles' depth chart, but he will get the nod as McNabb will surely be out again...In a side note, Vick is eligible to play his first NFL Regular Season game in nearly 3 years! How will he do? My guess is about 8-10 plays, the Wildcat and 1 big play whether it be a big run or a TD pass... The Eagles should be able to handle the Chiefs, but it boggles my mind why they signed Jeff Garcia to ride the bench...
JA's pick: Eagles
Packers @ Rams
The Rams go into this game trying to avoid a franchise-record 13th straight loss...they won't do it against the Pack..
JA's pick: Packers
Saints @ Bills
A matchup of 2 of the NFL's most surprising offensive units this season...The Bills have been putting up some points...but what's more impressive? Averaging 46.5 points a game or scoring 33 against the Buccaneers? Drew Brees is playing like he wants a MVP trophy and this game will be another statement towards his case....Maybe T.O doesn't let a ball go through through his arms in this one..
JA's pick: Saints
Bears @ Seahawks
The Bears are coming off a win against the defending Super Bowl Champions..Matt Forte has onyl rushed for 84 yards this year but is going up against the league's 26th best rushing D...The Seahawks will most likely be sending out Seneca Wallace to take the snaps for injured Matt Hasselbeck...The 12th man doesn't come through in this one..
JA's pick: Bears
Steelers @ Bengals
Since when does Cedric Benson actually have a good game? As entertaining as Ochocinco's Lambeau leap was last week....the Steelers won't be coming to Cincy for fun and games...but to avenge last week's brutal loss to the Bears...Their plan? To be up by more than 3 when the game hits the 4th quarter...
JA's pick: Steelers
Dolphins @ Chargers
How does a team lose when they have the ball for 45 min of a football game? They have not played like an 0-2 team, but they face the possibility of going 0-3...They have beaten the injury-riddled Chargers in the last 6 matchups...Although stopping their run shouldn't be a problem, the Fins will have a tough time stopping Phillip Rivers who is sure to put on another air show....
JA's pick: Chargers
Broncos @ Raiders
Despite pulling out a victory last week, JaMarcus Russell couldn't have looked much worse than he did. If he can step it up and play like he did against San Diego, Oakland should be able to pull it out..The only thing is, he won't and Denver is somehow going to be 3-0 at the end of the day...
JA's pick: Broncos
Colts @ Cardinals
Both of these teams have looked awfully vulnerable going into this one...The Cardinals kicked off the defense of heir NFC Championship by losing to the Niners at Home and the Colts have had two very shady victories against the Jags and Fins....Both of these teams, however, have momentum coming in...With that being said, i'm going with the Cards in front of their home crowd...Peyton will most likely have the ball for more than 15 min...but week 3 will show how vulnerable this team really is....
JA's pick: Cardinals
Panthers @ Cowboys
One struggling quarterback against another...both of these teams could use the's just a matter of who's going to want it more...I thought last week was Carolina's week to rebound, but I was wrong....The Cowboys will rebound after last week's crushing loss and this week will officially mark the beginning of the end for Jake Delhomme and Head Coach John Fox
JA's Pick: Cowboys
There you have it....Thoughts? Opinions?

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