Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Nightmare in Flushing!! Yanks vs Philthies for the Ship!!

The day has finally arrived….the Fall Classic is upon us and Mets fans are hoping for the first ever World Series Tie…

After racking up pennant #40, the Yanks are looking to win their first World Series since beating a certain team in 2000 and the Philthadelphia Philthies are looking to be the first team, since the Yankees, to win back-to-back World Series Championships….

The series kicks off in the Bronx tonight with a matchup that not only has baseball enthusiasts frothing at the mouth, but also has Indian fans shaking their heads wondering what if?…C.C Sabathia and his 3-0 record in this year’s postseason square off against Philly’s own lefty ace Cliff Lee; last year’s A.L Cy Young Award Winner and a man who is also throwing lights out this October going 2-0 with a e.r.a of .74…yuck..

After the aces, the starters for both teams are quality..but not exactly prone from getting lit up…Burnett has been erratic and Pettitte, although he has been solid and clutch, may not hold up so well against the Phils’ power offense…Although Pedro was lights out against L.A, he’s not the same Pedro that pitched against the Yanks in ’04 and Cole Hamels got moved to game 3 because he has pitched terrible on the road, and for the better part of the postseason…

The Offense that both teams bring is sure to light up the scoreboards…AROD is playing absolutely out of his mind with clutch hit after clutch hit…With his .440 avg, 5HR and 12 RBI, the man is earning his pinstripes..Did I mention that in games 3 and 4 of the ALCS he swung and missed at 0 pitches?!?...absolutely dirty…..On the other side, Ryan Howard is having quite the postseason as well with 14 RBI’s; including an RBI in the first 8 playoff games…

This Series will come down to the Pen, and the Yanks have the clear cut edge in that department….My recommendation to Girardi would be to leave in Robertson when he’s doing well because he has been the rock of the pen this postseason…Who knows if/when the Postseason Lights Out Lidge will morph back into the dude he’s been all season…Although it’s hard to pick a winner in this nightmare of a World Series, I’m going with the Yanks because a) the pen and b) I hate them much less than the Phillies

The Yanks and the Phils battled it out in the Fall Classic back in 1950 and the Yanks swept them…I don’t think this will be a sweep, and I think J-Roll’s on crack for thinking this thing will be over in 5…but I do think this will go the full 7….finally…and the Yanks will get their 27th World Championship..

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