Sunday, October 25, 2009

JA's Week 7 Picks!

Last week 8-6

Season: 62-28

Cardinals @ Giants
The G-Men secondary looked awfully vulnerable against the air show that is the Saints offense last week as they were handed their first loss of the season…The Cardinals were able to contain Matt Hasselbeck last week as they held the Seahawks to a measly 3 points….Arizona will surely try to be bombing away because their run game is atrocious….However, I feel that the Giants will not let simple mishaps happen 2 weeks in a row on the defensive side of the ball and Arizona’s D will be suspect to the passing game of Eli Manning and his main man Steve Smith…
JA’s Pick: Giants

Jets @ Raiders
The Silver and Black are going to be shooting for their second straight win after last week’s upset win over the Eagles…it got Richard Seymour so jacked that he guaranteed a playoff birth…(I think he still thinks he’s in New England) The Jets have looked like the same old Jets over the past two weeks, but I feel that there is no way in hell that Oakland, Jamarcus Russell in particular, show up with last week’s intensity. The Jets go back over .500 and Mark Sanchez actually throws the ball to his teammates instead of the other team…
JA’s Pick: Jets

Patriots @ Buccaneers
While the Bucs were neck and neck with the Panthers until they pulled away late in the fourth, the Pats dominated the helpless Titans in a winter wonderland massacre…Both teams travel to jolly ol’ England for this one…the Bucs may managed to break the goose egg, but they will still come back to the USA with 11 straight losses…Pats roll…
JA’s pick: Patriots

Colts @ Rams
The Rams have lost 16 games in a row…The 5-0 Colts and Peyton Manning are going up against the NFL’s worst defense…What do you think?
JA’s Pick: Colts

Vikings @ Steelers
Brett Favre and the undefeated Vikes head to the Steel City to match up against Ben Roethlisberger and the defending Super Bowl Champions in what is sure to be the game of the week…I told him to throw the pigskin last week and with 3 TD Passes, Favre grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat last week thanks to a missed field goal and Big Ben is looking for his 4th straight win…Both teams have solid D, but Big Ben and Brett are sure to find ways to exploit…The will be some points scored in this one and Pittsburgh gives Brett Fare his first loss of the season..Unless it comes down to Jeff Reed of course…UPSET SPECIAL
JA’s pick: Steelers

Chargers @ Chiefs
K.C finally notched up their first win of the season in the UPSET SPECIAL and the Bolts realized that they’re no longer the class of the AFC West…This will be a tight one, but the Chargers will squeak by this week with the play of Philip Rivers…
JA’s Pick: Chargers

49ers @ Texans
Who needs a running game when you have Matt Schaub? Schaub threw for almost 400 yards and 4 TDs last week as Houston took down the Bengals..However, the 49ers bounce back from their bye week with not only, the return of start running back Frank Gore, but also the debut of first-round draft pick and stud WR Michael Crabtree…Niners take this one and reclaim 1st place in the NFC West..
JA’s pick: 49ers

Packers @ Browns
A-Rodg will have a field day with the terrible Brownies’ D and the O-Line of the Packers should not be exploited by one of the worst D’s in the NFL….The Pack have a very good chance of pitching shutouts for a second straight week…
JA’s Pick: Packers

Bills @ Panthers
Buffalo was practically handed a gift-wrapped victory last week….Carolina used the running game to take down the Bucs….The Bills have the league’s worst rushing defense and the running game of the Panthers is starting to heat up…My faith in seeing a Steve Smith touchdown anytime soon is slowly losing steam…Regardless, Carolina gets back to .500
JA’s pick: Panthers

Saints @ Dolphins
New Orleans made a huge statement last week by taking down the G-Men and became the class of the NFC…Jeremy Shockey, the team’s 3rd leading WR has more receiving yards than the Dolphins leading receiver…Saints will end today as the NFC’s only undefeated team..
JA’s pick: Saints

Falcons @ Cowboys
This game will be a shootout as Matt Ryan and Tony Romo will both break out their version of the air show…At the end of the day, the Falcons are a much better team and it will show in this game…
JA’s Pick: Falcons

Bears @ Bengals
Cedric Benson didn’t quite have the big day I expected last week, but today he goes up against his former team and there’s no love lost…The NFL’s 3rd leading rusher undoubtedly wants to make a statement today and the loss of Tommie Harris will certainly not help matters…
JA’s Pick: Bengals

Eagles @ Redskins
The Eagles got embarrassed last week and the Redskins are just embarrassing….
JA’s Pick: Eagles

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