Saturday, October 10, 2009

Road to the ship: Day 3 it me or does it just seem like that it is the Yanks' destiny to make their 40th appearance in the fall classic?

The walk-off warrior of last night was Mark Teixeira who rocketed sent a Jose Mijares delivery off the top of the left field wall...

After only one rbi in 16 previous postseason games coming into this series, A-Rod is putting his woes behind him in a very big way with 3 more RBI's last night...including a 2- run blast off one of the game's premier closers to tie the game at 3 in the Bottom of the ninth....that's right A-ROD hit a bomb in the ninth of a big postseason game!....I could just tell Nathan didn't have it last rediculous were those facial expressions of his?...he also nearly blew it in the tenth by airmailing a throw to second on a pickoff attempt...Jose Mijares came in to force a double play and save Nathan from a miserable night....only to blow it himself

Speaking of blowing calls, Phil Cuzzi may have made the WORST call I have ever seen in a big time game...The ball hit by Joe Mauer down the left field line hit off of Melky Cabrera's glove and fell to the ground...the ball was called foul, but the ball landed in fair territory by a good foot or so!!! Mauer ended up hitting a single, but that would have been a double for sure...Kubel followed Mauer with a single and then Cuddyer follwed him with another nobody knows what really would have happened if Mauer got the call, but we may have been talking about a series tied 1-1..

The Twins also failed to help themselves in the 4th when Gomez made a horrible baserunning blunder and Swish threw to Jeter for the out before Delmon Young could score...The Twinkies had several missed chances, but in the end, the Yanks did it with timely hitting and a solid effort from the bullpen...Mo, Aceves and Robertson saved the game last night..The Yanks are scary deep in the bullpen...A.J looked decent tonight with only a run on three hits in 6 innings, but he did have 5 walks and often put himself into jams....

Now it back to the Baggydome for Game 3 Sunday night where Andy Pettite will take on former Yankee great, Carl Pavano (note the sarcasm on that one)....from what we have seen in the past 3 weeks or so, the Twins will surely not go down quietly...They are definitely going to need some of that Metrodome magic...and maybe even a Metrodome Miracle to even make it back to New York for a possible game 5...

The Red Sox are 100% dead in the water...Jared Weaver followed the steps of John Lackey and tossed another seven innings of beauty...the Sox offense has been simply non-existent; managing just one run in the first two games of this series. If the Sox can throw Josh Beckett out there and still not manage to win a game....they're screwed

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