Sunday, October 11, 2009

JA's Week 5 picks!!!

Last week:10-4

Season: 44-18

Bengals @ Ravens

HUGE game for the Bengals to prove that their 3-1 record is legit...However, today is not the day Cincy makes a statement...In Flacco we trust..

JA's Pick: Ravens

Browns @ Bills

Trent Edwards will put on an air-show today against the Braylon Edwards-less Brownies...I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that T.O even has a decent day...

JA's pick: Bills

Redskins @ Panthers

Don't let the 2-2 record deceive you...As talented as this team should be, their record does them no justice...The Skins are NOT a good football team and a rejuvenated Jake Delhomme should finally lead to a good day for that OTHER Steve Smith...Panthers get their first W...

JA's pick: Panthers

Steelers @ Lions

Polamalu is still about a week away from returning to make that Steelers D scary again...Lions are going with the wily vet Daunte much as I have love for Detroit Rock City, i'm going with the defending champs in this one...

JA's pick: Steelers

Cowboys @ Chiefs

Tony Romo hasn't thrown a TD in 2 weeks...playing the 0-4 Chiefs should help...Roy Williams is out, but he's basically been a non-factor since he was traded there anyway...If they can't beat K.C, i'm ready to write off big D until 2010...

JA's pick: Cowboys

Raiders @ Giants

Should Eli play? Shouldn't he? Regardless, the G-Men steamroll the Raiders and go to 5-0!


Bucs @ Eagles

The Eagles get McNabb back today and the Bucs continue to make their case for "Worst Team in the NFL"....

JA's pick: Eagles

Vikings @ Rams

Brett Farve comes out Monday Night and has a monster game...surprised? I wasn't...the guy always steps up on MNF....Don't get me wrong, i'm still waiting to see how he's playing around week 13...Vikes go to 5-0 and the D eats Kyle Boller alive...the Rams are awful

JA's pick: Vikings

Falcons @ 49ers

One of the more intriguing games of the good as I think the Falcons are, their D has been very sub-par thus far...the Niners are playing as hungry as i've seen them play since the Steve Young Days...this is the game where the Niners show they're legit and Mike Singletary starts collecting votes for Coach of the Year...

JA's pick: 49ers

Texans @ Cardinals

As good as Matt Schaub has been, Steve Slaton has looked that much worse...big game for Kurt Warner because he plays like he's 38 now and Leinart is waiting in the wings...However, Warner has a thing for overcoming adversity and I see a big game from Warner, Larry Fitz and Boldin..

JA's pick: Cardinals

Patriots @ Broncos

Student vs. The teacher...Belichick vs. McDaniels...This is the fifth week in a row the Pats have played an undefeated team...Big test for Brady today will be Champ Bailey and Denver's Defensive unit which ranks second in the NFL...I'm calling an UPSET SPECIAL...Broncos go 5-0 and the New Jersey prosuct, Knowshon Moreno steps up for a big day in place of the injured Buckhalter..

JA's pick: Broncos

Jaguars @ Seahawks

The Seahawks at Matt Hasselbeck back today, but the Jags are rollin.....the 12th man is a non-factor today...T.J Houshmanzilly begins his trade demands after this one..

JA's pick: Jaguars

Colts @ Titans

The Titans are in full panic mode right now as they have already lost more games than they did all of last season....What makes matters worse is the fact that they now have to day with the best QB in football, Peyton Manning...The fans will be chanting for VY by halftime

JA's pick: Colts

Jets @ Dolphins

Sanchez and Henne's 5 combined starts make them tied for the least experienced duo to ever start a MNF game...The fins have the league's best rushing attack and as good as the Jets' D has may be too much for them to handle....The Jets will have a solid season, but the glass slipper is starting to fall off...

JA's Pick: Dolphins

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