Sunday, November 15, 2009

JA's Week 10 picks!

The Second Half of the season has commenced and there’s no need to worry about the Giants losing this week…on to the picks…

Falcons @ Panthers

Matt Ryan has struggled the past 3 games and the Carolina running game has brought them back to a little bit of respectability….With that being said, Ryan turns it around this week and the Falcons take one on the road..

JA’s Pick: Falcons

Broncos @ Redskins

After starting out 6-0, Denver has suffered blowout losses the last 2 weeks…What better way to redeem yourself than by playing the dreadful Redskins?

JA’s Pick: Broncos

Bills @ Titans

Chris Johnson vs. the league’s worst rushing D…….Titans go to 3-0 with VY at the helm..

JA’s Pick: Titans

Saints @ Rams

Congrats St. Louis! You’ve won your first game of the season!! What’s your grand prize?? The undefeated Saints….Time for the next losing streak to begin…

JA’s pick: Saints

Bengals @ Steelers

In a battle for the top of the AFC North standings, the Bengals will be looking to take down the defending Super Bowl Champs for the second time this season….However, the Steelers have won 5 straight and scored 27 ppg in those 5 games….I’m taking the Champs and Ochocinco won’t be able to bribe the Steelers with his dolla bills

JA’s Pick: Steelers

Jags @ Jets

Gang Green is coming off their bye after losing 4 of their last 5…On the other side, the Jags are also hanging on to slim playoff hopes with a 4-4 record of their own…This is the game where the Jets miss Kris Jenkins more than any other…Maurice Jones-Drew runs all day…at 4-5, the Jets won’t be in good shape for a potential playoff run

JA’s Pick: Jaguars

Buccaneers @ Dolphins

In a battle of Florida and former Auburn Running Backs, the Bucs look to build upon their first win of the year…A weak running defense will be their downfall, however, as the wildcat roars…

JA’s Pick: Dolphins

Lions @ Vikings

The 7-1 Vikes….The 1-7 Lions….Lions haven’t won in Minnesota in 12 years…enough said

JA’s Pick: Vikings

Chiefs @ Raiders

K.C returns from the bye without running back Larry Johnson, who was 20 yards shy of the Chiefs rushing record until he said what he said…idiot…This matchup features two of the worst teams in the league and in the end, K.C pulls it out and gets their first rushing TD of the year because unlike Oakland, they haven’t been getting destroyed as of late

JA’s Pick: Chiefs

Cowboys @ Packers

Dallas has seen several seasons go down the tube after playing on the frozen tundra…Green Bay’s Super Bowl dreams are also going down the tube after an embarrassing loss to TB…Dallas rolls and will do so til Turkey Day…then the real Tony Romo will show up…

JA’s Pick: Cowboys

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Arizona has been miserable at home this year and this week will be no different…The Seahawks are finally getting healthy and Matt Hasselbeck has weapons aplenty to take apart the Cardinals..UPSET SPECIAL!!

JA’s Pick: Seahawks

Eagles @ Chargers

The Chargers are rolling, and that’s terrible news for Philly…

JA’s Pick: Chargers

Ravens @ Browns

The Ravens have struggled since starting out 3-0…The Browns just struggle to make it through one of Eric Mangini’s practices….

JA’s Pick: Ravens

Pats @ Colts

Both men have gone 83-21 since 2003…both men have 16TD and 5 INT this year…But who’s the better QB? Brady or Manning? Brady’s got the rings so it’d hard to not pick him…It’s also hard to not pick the Pats tonight against a Colts team that has struggled to crack 21 points in the last 3 games…The Colts flaws come out tonight and they say goodbye to their undefeated record…

JA’s Pick: Patriots

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