Sunday, November 1, 2009

JA's Week 8 Picks!

Ahh week 8 is here and we have one of the rare days of the year where all 4 major sports have a game going on…Dirty….
I decided to throw my standings up there with the likes of the analysts of ESPN and this is what we got…

Adam Schefter 74-29
Chris Mortensen 72-31
JA 71-32
Merrill Hoge 71-32
Mark Schlereth 70-33
Mike Golic 67-35
Eric Allen 64-39

I’m just saying…time to time I tend to know what I’m talking about kids…

On to the picks….

Last Week: 9-4

Giants @ Eagles
The G-Men come into this one struggling a bit since they’ve lost 2 straight..The Eagles have been bitten by the injury bug with Westbrook out and DeSean Jackson favoring a bum ankle and barely got by the Skins last week..…Eli is coming off of his worst game of the season and with Super Mario Manningham out, Giants fans should get a heavy dose of Hakeem Nicks today….kick back and grab a beer when he’s out there because this kid’s gonna be special…First place in the NFC East is one the line in this one and the G-Men play big when it counts…Giants take the first NY/Philly clash of the day,,
JA’s Pick: Giants

Dolphins @ Jets
Gang Green’s coming off of a thrashing of the Raiders after 2 crappy weeks of attempting to play football…The Fins’ watched a 21-point lead evaporate into a 46-34 loss to the best team in football….Mark Sanchez manages to grab a bite to eat before this game, but the big challenge for the Jets today will be stopping the awesome running duo of Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown with the league’s 22nd best rushing D…..They’re gonna miss Kris Jenkins in this one…
JA’s pick: Dolphins

Broncos @ Ravens
Both teams are coming off a bye week and with 3 straight losses, the Ravens had a chance to re-evaluate themselves to see if they think they can hack it with the AFC’s best….No better way to prove that than by playing the undefeated Broncos…This game is a toss-up quite frankly, but I’m going with the Broncos D shutting down Joe Flacco today on the road…Denver stays undefeated and the Cinderella story continues another week..
JA’s Pick: Broncos

Texans @ Bills
Both teams are coming in with a 2-game winning streak, but the Bills are the beneficiaries of the Jets and Panthers not showing up to play…The NFL’s leading passer, Matt Schaub is going to unleash an air-show in Buffalo today and establish the Texans as a legit player in the AFC this year…
JA’s Pick: Texans

Browns @ Bears
Da Bears got smoked by the Bengals last week and are quickly losing ground on the Packers and Vikings…With the Favre Bowl going on in G.B, Chicago can grab a big win today….and what better week to get the Cleveland Browns? I give it 2 more weeks before they invite LeBron to play WR…
JA’s Pick: Bears

Seahawks @ Cowboys
I didn’t think they could take Atlanta, but Tony Romo had his best game of the year last week..Big D sits a game out of the NFC East, while the Seahawks are slipping into obscurity…I expect a lot of points to be scored today, but the Cowboys pull it out at home…and possibly take over first place with a Giants loss..If this happens, I’m sure Tony Romo will suddenly be an elite quarterback in the eyes of all major analysts once again…by the by, Jersey product Miles Austin is a beast
JA’s Pick: Cowboys

Rams @ Lions
This game will most likely be looked past, but when you’ve got two teams playing each other that aren’t going to win very many…if any…games this year, you play your hearts out and squeeze out a W….I feel the Lions will do this today at home against this year’s version…of themselves….0-16 anyone?
JA’s Pick: Lions

49ers @ Colts
Alex Smith got his chance to prove he’s not a bust by nearly leading a phenomenal comeback last week, but it’s going to take more than one game to prove himself and playing the Colts on the road won’t help…Crabtree looks legit and may have another great game today, but Peyton and co. will look that much better…
JA’s Pick: Colts

Raiders @ Chargers
For the second week in a row, the Chargers get to tangle with another AFC West cellar dweller….The Raiders should start considering either a) starting a new promotion to let one lucky fan play quarterback for one game or b) having Tom Cable beat the %$#$ out of the other team before they go out on the field…Bolts roll..
JA’s Pick: Chargers

Jaguars @ Titans
Titans nation finally gets to see Vince Young lead the O and we get a solid matchup of 2 of the league’s best Running backs….Haven’t thrown it out there yet so I’m throwing up the UPSET SPECIAL!!! Titans get their first win of the season today…Kerry Collins can be found in a local Nashville bar drinking his life away..
JA’s Pick: Titans

Panthers @ Cardinals
With 3 wins in a row, Arizona is looking like they are getting back into their defending NFC Championship form and the Panthers really don’t have much of a chance in this one…Steve Smith will sadly go without another touchdown this week as Jake Delhomme goes for the all-time record for most picks thrown in a season..
JA’s Pick: Cardinals

Vikings @ Packers
Even though they have already played, today is the big day…Longtime Packer kicker Ryan Longwell returns to Lambeau!!! And some other guy named Brett Favre…. TODAY is the Favre bowl!! There will not be many more atmospheres in sports that will have the electric that Lambeau Field will have today for the return of their former son…and now bitter enemy…Oh, by the way, we’ve got a matchup of the two best teams of the NFC Central here…If Favre can come through today, I’ll be convinced that there’s nothing he CAN’T do as a player…However, I just don’t see the packers losing this one….
JA’s pick: Packers

Falcons @ Saints
Monday night’s game features the cream of the crop in the NFC South. The Falcons are a great football team, but the Saints are the BEST team in football….
JA’s Pick: Saints

Enjoy week 8…and that Halloween Candy

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