Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The 2010 Mets:Countdown style

I have sat back through through the first quarter of the Mets season and it has been nothing short of a roller coaster. The Amazins have gone from being considered a miserable excuse of a baseball team, to one of the best in baseball..that is until we made a trip to Filthadelphia. Since then, the Mets have shown a ton of fight by coming back, but seem to find themselves on the losing side of things. Regardless, their record is 19-21 and all hope is not completely gone. Here's a countdown summing up the season thus far from my eyes..David Letterman would be proud.

Drumroll please..........

#10..The number of Home Runs David Wright

will NOT hit this year

With 8 bombs already and 367 plate appearances ahead of last years pace, it's pretty safe to say that David Wright has found the power stroke that went M.I.A last year...Now if only he can manage to make a little more contact with the baseball. While he leads the league in walks, "Hurricane" David is on pace for over 230 strikeouts!

#9..The official scorer's number for Right Field..normally occupied by Jeff Francoeur

Until lately at least; Since the middle of April, Frenchy has forgotten how to hit (batting only .130 in that stretch) and his wildness at the plate has only gotten worse (if that's possible). When (or if) Beltran returns, is he even worthy of being the starting right fielder? (Pagan, anyone?) Hopefully, his homer last night is a sign of a turnaround. At least he's still got a cannon for an arm.

#8..Number of consecutive home wins in mid April during a 9-1 homestand

They were playing so well that even Mike Francesa was talking nice about them. Everything clicked for this ballclub and the Mets sat atop the NL East by the homestand's end; the obvious highlight of the season until that damn weekend in Filthadelphia.

#7...the number of weeks ago that Ike Davis and Chris Carter should have been named to the roster in the first place...

Yes, I understand that Ike needed time to develop..but did he really? Between his hitting and his acrobatics by the Mets Dugout, the kid's been nothing short of a stud. Chris "The Animal" Carter has been fighting for a chance his entire career and his 8Hrs in Spring Training earned him that shot. Instead, the Mets went with has beens like Mike Jacobs and Frank Catalanotto...In his first ab, Carter hit a game tying double..was Jacobs gonna do that?

#6.. Oliver Perez's e.r.a..

12 million doesn't quite get you what it used to. Ollie has looked nothing short of terrible and he now finds himself throwing out the bullpen. (Now making him the worst arm in the pen, considering how solid they've been this year) Why? because he was too selfish to accept a minor league assignment. Why? because he knows he'll get lit up like a Christmas tree down there and the Mets will have no choice but to release him. So instead, Oliie will take up a roster spot that he doesn't deserve until the powers that be realize it's time to cut their losses..

#5..Wins by Mike Pelfrey this year..

Big Pelf is proving that he is a capable starting pitcher to have behind Johan with a 5-1 record and a 3.02 e.r.a...oh yea, he has a save too. For the month of April, he looked like Cy Young and he's pitching with that confidence that he had back in 2008..

#4..Months that Carlos Beltran will miss due to injury when it's all said and done

Remember this guy? ( I thought the red cross sign was slightly symbolic here) "The Jose Reyes of 2010", Nobody really seems to know when he's ever coming back. Fortunately, Angel Pagan is proving to be a solid force in the lineup. Unfortunately, Jerry Manuel had to waste time by experimenting with Gry Matthews Jr.. Can someone please tell me why this guy's still in the major leagues?

#3..Spot in the lineup that Jose Reyes was left in WAY too long..

Coming back after being out for practically over a year, Jose was clearly trying to do too much too soon in this spot. I thought it was a great move at first because if he got on base, the cleanup hitter would get more fastballs to hit. That plan only works, however, when Reyes got on base. With Reyes hitting around .220, Manuel should have moved him back to the leadoff spot much sooner. What'd Jose do in his first game back at the top of the order? 2 for 5. It's only a matter of time before we see plenty of "Reyes Runs".

#2..Number of consecutive walkoffs by our catchers..

Bengie who? Roooooood Ba-Ra-Jas has done more than his share not only with his defense, but with his team-leading 9 Home Runs. Henry Blanco, who just looks like a badass with his mullet and tattoos is the quintessential backup. Two veterans who flat out know how to do their job.

#1...Total number of Jason Bay Homers so far this season..
The power bat in our lineup is on pace for 5 Home Runs this season..Although he is also on pace to have 16 Triples, it'd be nice to see a little pop out of a guy that belted 36 bombs last year

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