Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hey Hanley! You want respect? Play hard!

As long as he has been in the Major Leagues, Hanley Ramirez has had an overinflated ego that has been overshadowed by the insane amount of talent he possesses.
Last night, the sports world finally got to get a glimpse of the real Hanley. He may have fouled a ball off of his ankle earlier in the game; but as he was jogging down the left field line, "chasing" a ball that he himself booted, young baseball fans and old school loyalists saw a man that thinks he's bigger than the game and a man that flat out dogs it.
Did you see left fielder Chris Coughlan go after it with him as Diamondbacks continued to cross home plate? Florida's skipper Freddi Gonzalez rightfully yanked him out of the game and also benched him for today's game as well..
Like a true idiot, Ramirez punked out his manager and criticized him for not knowing what it was like to play hurt or to even play in the Major Leagues. When team leader, Wes Helms demanded Ramirez apologized, he refused. Hanley doesn't deserve to play until he mans up and says what he needs to say and until he does, the rift on this team is just going to widen. It didn't help his case today when Hanley said that his ankle was fine, a total contradiction of his words last night.
I will never take away from his talent, he's one of the best in that department. However, until he learns how to hustle every play out and he matures, there will ALWAYS be a ceiling on Hanley Ramirez AND the Florida Marlins.

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