Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The time is now Nets fans!

For all of those Nets fans, including myself, that have waited months for this day, it's finally here!

For those that struggled to even remain fans of a team that lost their first 18 games and flirted with having the worst record of all time; the light at the end of the tunnel can finally be seen..

Around 8pm tonight, the ping pong balls will decide who will be the man hosen in hopes to play the role of "savior" to the 12-70 New Jersey Nets. 25% percent of those ping pong balls tab the Nets as the favorites to get rights to the #1 overall pick, which many people project as the man in the picture. Kentucky phenom point guard, John Wall.

In a prefect world, or system, the worst record should get the #1 pick just like in every other sport. However, David Stern and the NBA like to keep things interesting.

Regardless, the Nets are guaranteed one of the top 4 picks and guys like Evan Turner or DeMarcus Cousins will be stars in this league. However, John Wall is by far the surest thing at the top of the board and he's the man the Nets need in order for a bright future.

As far as a supporting cast goes, the Nets are loaded with young talent that now has experience playing at this level and with each other. Brook Lopez would have been an all-star this year if he wasn't on a terrible team and is sure to be an all-star in the future. Courtney Lee, Terrence Williams and CDR showed signs of being great scorers and contributors; and don't forget that Devin Harris was hurt for a better part of last season. With the exception of Harris, who is an ancient 27 years of age, none of the guys I just mentioned are over the age of 25..What's missing in all of this? A stud point guard. Enter John Wall.
Add 3 picks in the top 30 and a ton of money to spend in free agency and you have all the ingredients for one hell of a turnaround...Did I mention LeBron is a free agent this year?

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