Thursday, July 8, 2010

Decision Day is Upon us!

Will he rip the hearts out of his hometown fans in Cleveland? Will he try to build on the legacy Jordan left behind in Chi-Town? Will the bright lights of New York be appealing enough?Maybe we'll see the beginning of a dynasty down in Miami. Regardless of where he goes, at 9pm tonight, LeBron James will change the tide of the NBA with his decision.

However, there's one thing that LeBron has already managed to change: the public's view of his image.

Is it really necessary to announce his decision by means of a 1 hour television special on ESPN? If he does happen to leave the Cavs, what kind of man does it make him to look all of his loyal fans from his home state in the eye and simply say "see ya!"? He'll be destined to become the most hated man in Cleveland since Art Modell moved the Browns out of town.

Reports are swirling that LeBron will be joining the superstar duo of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh down in Miami, but do you really see him playing second fiddle to anyone. Anyone that needs a televised event to make an announcement definitely won't. James wants to win, we know this, but does he really want to take less money? No, he wants to become the sport's first billionaire. LeBron would never get used to D-Wade always getting the last shot. He also would never be able to live with the fact that he'd be playing for Wade's Miami Heat. Even if 'Bron goes to the Heat and a dynasty is born, it will only prove that LeBron needed an All-Star team to get his ring.

So if he's not going to Miami, where's he going?

He's going to the Knicks!

What city is big enough for the ego of King James? The city that never sleeps!

What venue has James dreamed of calling home? Madison Square Garden, the world's most famous arena!

For the Knicks, LeBron would be the man under center and Amare Stoudemire isn't exactly a terrible sidekick to have. The signing of James would instantly revive one of the most storied franchises in basketball and Donnie Walsh wouldn't look like a jackass for throwing the past 2 seasons.

Think about it people, the press conference is being held in Greenwich, CT. That's Knicks country! The funds made from the commercials on tonight's telecast aren't going to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami, or Cleveland, or even Chicago where they could use it. It's going to the prep students of Greenwich.

The writing's on the wall already, but regardless of whatever cap he decides to place on his head tonight, this has, and will continue to be an unbelievable circus. Look at all the coverage it's gotten already. This makes Brett Favre seem as relevant as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Wherever he goes, his image is forever changed and the pressure will be even greater on him to win.

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