Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Positive post about the Mets?

Call it naive, foolish or even stupid to feel anything positive about the 2010 Mets. However, each and every fan, talk show host, hog dog vendor, etc that chooses to close the books on this season is forgetting about the 1st amendment of being a fan of the New York Mets.

Ya Gotta Believe!

But what about the collapses of 2007 and 2008? What about the disaster that was 2009? As we've even seen this year; for every 9-game winning streak, the Amazins get shut down by one of the worst bullpens in the history of the game (the Diamondbacks).

Despite all of the heartache, the Mets are still very much in the pennant race. Four teams ahead of us? Who cares! There's 59 games left in the season! Make up a game every 10 games and your right there in the thick of it!

But we didn't make any moves at the deadline! We didn't get a pitcher! Do you really want to give up our future just to get a pitcher, like Cliff Lee, for 2 months?

Still not convinced? After 103 games in 1973, the Mets were 11 games under .500 and they ended up in the World Series after Tug McGraw inspired his team with a certain slogan. How many games were the 1969 Mets out of 1st after 103 games? 7.5....the same amount of games that the Mets are out of 1st in the NL East.

I know were not exactly "World Series Favorites" at the moment, but isn't it just more fun to have a little bit of faith in your team?

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