Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey Rex..Time to put up..or Shut Up!

"Were the Miami Heat of Football" - CB Antonio Cromartie

"Were building a dream team" - QB Mark Sanchez

"This team is basically Super Bowl or Bust" - TE Dustin Keller

You hear that, Rex? You've put the bulls eye on your team's back and you've got the team officially drinking the Kool-Aid. I think it's great to have confidence in your abilities as a team. But I just want to let you guys know one thing...

You haven't won anything yet!

Yes, yes, we all know that you came within 30 minutes of a Super Bowl last year. With all this talk, however, one would think that you did.

I give Rex this. He has made the Jets a relevant commodity in the New York Sports scene. Rex Ryan has even made the New York Giants play second fiddle this season in the headlines. Being on Hard Knocks this season has put the Jets on the national stage. If his talk translates into wins and playoff success, there will be a statue of him outside of the New Meadowlands Stadium next season. If he loses, all of his credibility is lost.

There is talent on this team, but is that talent going to beat Peyton Manning and the Colts? How about Tom Brady and the Pats? Are they even going to beat the new look Ravens tonight? Darrelle Revis is FINALLY back and they need him with Calvin Pace being out. However, how game ready is Revis Island going to be? The man has been back for a week and didn't play in a preseason game. Is he going to pull a Michael Strahan or will we see Revis Island tonight? All I know is that Joe Flacco would be crazy not to test the waters.
The biggest X Factor this year though is on the
offensive side of the football and the man under center, Marky Mark Sanchez. For this team to have ANY success this season, Sanchez has to make better decisions throwing the football. 12 TDs and 20 INT won't cut it for a Super Bowl Champion. Will he hit the Sophmore slump? He's got plenty of weapons, especially with the additions of LT and Holmes, but Holmes will surely be missed the 1st 4 games of the season. As good as the D is, you still have to put points on the board.
Will all of these new pieces to the championship puzzle effect the team chemistry? Bringing back FB Tony Richardson, after previously cutting him, was the smartest thing they could've done. For a team that wants leadership, why on earth would you cut your team leader?
They may sit undefeated at the moment, but they're not going 16-0. 10-6 seems realistic to me. Will that be enough to dethrone the Pats and keep back those pesky Dolphins?
If they lose tonight, which I think they will, don't panic Jets fans. This is a good football team, but the time for all this talk has ended. Rex has definitely rallied up his troops, but can they back up the talk? If they can, they will become that great team that they already think they are.

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