Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"No Offense", but you've got a long way to go!

There's an old saying in sports: "Defense wins Championships."

But you've gotta score some points too!

In a heartbreaker, (for some), Gang Green lost their home opener to the Ravens 10-9 in a game where the offense didn't feel like showing up.

The Sanchise led his offense to only 6 first downs. This tied for the lowest total in team history!

L.T had a decent game, but Shonn Greene was nowhere to be seen. Why in the world did he not get a carry in the 3rd quarter? One of many gaffes by Shottenheimer during the game.

Sanchez only had 74 passing yards. The lowest in a game since 2006. 74?! Weren't Chad Pennington, Kellen Clemens or even Mark Brunell capable of doing that? Even Trent Edwards had more passing yards than that! They are LIGHT YEARS behind in their passing approach. My suggestion? Grow a set and take some shots down the field!

Give the Ravens' D credit tho. Ray Lewis laid a hit on Dustin Keller that knocked him into next week. I think my buddy, Joe Deveney put it best in a Facebook status: " Keller stepped out of bounds short of the first down because he had no idea where he was after that shot from Ray Ray."

And that's just the offense.

The defense did only give up 10 points. But "the best defense in the league" committed the team's highest amount of penalties in 22 years, while Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie were completely VICTIMIZED! A big pass interference call on Wilson set up the Ravens only TD.

WHY IN THE WORLD WAS REVIS NOT PUT ON BOLDIN?! If he's so ready, Rex, why isn't he up against the big guns instead of Derrick Mason. Cromartie got beaten like a drum in the school band!

Oh yeah. You also lost Kris Jenkins AGAIN on the 6th play of the season. A torn ACL in the same knee that put him out for all of last season. They seemed to manage last year, but can they plug his absence two years in a row? This man will definitely be missed.

I know they're the Miami Heat of football, but i'm sure the Heat will at least score points. Did I mention your playing the Patriots next week? Have fun with that one. 0-2 is looking like a legitimate possibility. What are you gonna have to say after that one, Rex?

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