Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's all on you A.J!

Andy Pettitte was solid last night, Cliff Lee was dominant! A 3rd straight 10 k preformance and an 8th inning blowup has the defending World Champions in a 2-1 hole.
The hopeful savior has not pitched in 17 days, an $83 million dollar contract, 15 losses and an E.R.A over 5.
I hope you know what your doing Joe, because you clearly made a bad call not going with Mariano last night. The more I thought about it, the more you needed to keep that lead to just 2 runs in such a pivotal game. Connor Robertson just didn't have it and the Yankees were held to just 3 baserunners all game; the lowest total they've ever had in a postseason game.
To Joe's credit, however, you can't throw the rest of your rotation out there on 3 days rest for the rest of the series. But c'mon man! A.J Burnett?!
Because of Burnett, Cervelli will get the catching duties tonight instead of Jorge Posada. I would have told A.J to find a way to deal with it for the sake of a W. Experience is key, and now Girardi has just pissed off a member of the core 4.
The silver lining? Tommy Hunter gives up the long ball (21 HR in 128 IP) The Yankees hit home runs. Tonight will not be a pitcher's duel, it will be an offensive explosion. The only question is whether or not A.J will cough up the runs more than Hunter. Yanks tie up the series tonight.

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