Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Filthies nod up series, time to head to the bay!

O.K, so the pitching matchup of the century wasn't the 1-0 classic we anticipated. No worries. We'll see it again in game 5!

Just so you know, there is a guy making a name for himself in this postseason that doesn't pitch, Cody Ross.

This guy is a stud who plays the game the way it should be; hard. I watched him kill the Mets, while in a Marlins uniform. He had 90 RBI's last year, and he has already hit 3 HR's in the NLCS!

Don't expect Cole Hamels to shut him down, Cody's 9-30 with 4 HR's and 6 RBI's against him all-time.

Cole Hamels had a very impressive CG shutout to cap the NLDS for the Filthies and Roy Oswalt was absolutely filthy with an 8 inning, 1 run and 9 strikeout preformance. We get it Filthadelphia, your rotation is pretty damn good.
Jimmy Rollins, as much as I hate his guts, had a clutch 3-run double to seal game 2. He had a rough year, but he's always ready for October baseball.
The baseball Giants decided to switch up the lineup today and have turned to experience; wily vets Aaron Rowand and Edgar Renteria. Pablo Sandoval and Andres Torres get to enjoy the view from the bench for this one. I expect contributions from the two aforementioned postseason warriors of old, as well as a pitcher's duel between Hamels and Cain. I'm taking the Giants for game 3 and a regaining of the series momentum.

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