Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How good is Cliff Lee?

Good enough to get $200 million next year in free agency and have nobody doubt how crazy it is.
Lee's 13 K's last night made it 3 consecutive postseason starts that he's had 10+ strikeouts in a game. The only other person to accomplish that? Bob Gibson.
It took him 19 2/3 innings to allow a walk this postseason. Lee punched out 30 batters before he walked a batter! These are both postseason records!
He's now 7-0 with a 1.26 E.R.A in the postseason. Who has a lower E.R.A? Christy Matthewson (5-5 0.97) and Sandy "The Left Arm of God" Koufax (4-3 0.95). Even these pitching legends have lost postseason games. Lee has yet to do so.
The New York Yankees have played in over 360 postseason games and had never been held to a measly 3 baserunners in any one of those games.
That's how good Cliff Lee is.

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