Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A message for Philly fans..Beware the Hurri-CAIN!

Matt Cain looked like a stud today throwing 7 shutout innings. Javier Lopez and Brian Wilson, who looks like the dude from 300, came in and capped off the 3-0 victory over the Filthies.

Barry Bonds put the needles aside for today to make it out to the ballpark and throw out the ceremonial first pitch. He looked "jacked" up to be there as AT&T Park may be the only place on the planet that accepts Barry Bonds as anything other than a crybaby steroid freak.

I digress.

Chase Utley had one of the tougher games i've ever seen him have as he went 0-4 and misplayed two balls hit his way. Cole Hamels looked solid through the first 3 2/3 innings of the game until he ran into this man....

Cody F'n Ross! The Giants have 8 RBI's in this series and 4 of them are from this man. Ross knocked in an RBI single and Aubrey Huff followed him with another ribeye. The Filthies have got to find a way to get this man out!
This is another series where the lack of an off day between games 4 and 5 hurts a team's rotation; in this case, Philly's.
Do you send Roy Halladay out on 3 days rest and, hence, send Oswalt and Hamels on three days rest? Or do you put the ball in Joe Blanton's hands? Blanton hasn't lost since July, but hasn't pitched since the 29th of September. Regardless of who throws, San Fran has gained back the momentum in this series and Philly unexpectedly has their backs against the wall.

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