Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Showdown at the Trop..

We're right back to where we started...Lee vs. Price for a shot at the New York Yankees in the ALCS.

Just five days ago, the Texas Rangers were one game away from winning their first ever playoff series. Tonight, they face the possibility of being 9 innings away from setting up a tee time for tomorrow morning.

It has also been 5 days since MVP candidate Josh Hamilton has had a base hit. Can the Texas lineup turn it around against another Cy Young hopeful, David Price? Price laid an egg in game 1. Can he regain his command? If he falls behind the count, like he did in game 1, he will be forced to throw more fastballs; that means bad news bears against a strong Rangers lineup.

Evan Longoria showed signs of life in Game 4 with a HR and a pair of doubles. He may be injured, but it's the playoffs! You step your game up! My x-factor? THE TROP! They opened up 5,000 more upper deck seats for tonight. They've averaged 35,000 for the 1st 2 games after having to give away 20,000 freebies for the playoff clincher. Will the Rays fans show up and be a force? If so, the Rays are taking this one and the Rangers will be saying bye bye to Cliff Lee sooner than they hoped.

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