Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Long Island native and Nationals ace John Lannan scattered 7 hits over 9 innings for his first career complete game shutout in a 4-0 victory over the Metsies.
For the 9th time this season and the 5th time in the last 13 games, the Mets were held scoreless in a sight that has become all too familiar for Mets fans.
Ollie was..well..he was Ollie...4 runs and 4 hits over 6 with 6 walks. In his last 17 innings he has walked 17 batters...there are little leaguers with better control.
Francoeur had another solid night at the plate going 2-4, but that was overshadowed by a dropped fly ball out in right field...another sight that has become all too familiar
Since Sheffield has been out, those that have replaced him in left have hit a combined 0-18...yikes....DPT (otherwise known as double play Tatis) was the latest LF to go for an 0-fer..
The Philthies won their 10th straight in the 13th last night after a Jayson Werth walk-off and Derek Lowe looked dominant for the Braves in an 8-1 win...The Mets currently sit at 44-49 and their ship is sinking fast as they are now 10 games back in their own division...yet a doable 6.5 back in the race for the wild card
Big Pelf goes for the Mets's hoping against another 5th inning impolsion

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